Our Story

Two years ago it became our mission to develop world class ultimate tobacco inspired e-liquids.

One that delivers the satisfaction you look for and expect from a premium e-liquid brand.

We focused our efforts into the development of flavors that embody everything one could possibly desire in an e‑liquid. An e-liquid with the feel and satisfaction of an analog. Rich, delicious flavors that are consistent batch after batch. A premium product that has the ability to deliver the highest performance standards, over the widest range of devices. The Studio Brand offers light, medium and bold tobacco inspired flavors that are perfectly balanced with hints of delicious flavor. You’ll be amazed!

Our premium products are the culmination of years of research and development, mastering the art and complexities of tobacco inspired flavors and fine tuning them to perfection. The Studio Brand e‑liquid comes in a 1 ounce clear glass bottle, topped up to go even further and sealed with a childproof and tamper-evident quality cap.

We have done our homework to create a product you can be confident using.

One very interesting result of our research was the variable of the taste experience. We discovered that the taste of an e‑liquid varies enormously and is highly dependant not just on the quality of the ingredients, but on the type and method of the vaporizer used. We found that some premium blends were amazing as a drip but when it came to tanks they just couldn’t cut it. Our premium liquid is specifically designed for tank use so you can replace that analog for a cleaner nicotine delivery system.

We purposely designed our e‑liquid to deliver the ultimate tobacco experience regardless of the vaporizer. All Studio Brand products deliver the satisfaction of an analog and have outstanding flavor in any tank!

The most important equation in any formula is you!

Our backgrounds are in Science, Medical Laboratory and Medicine and after gaining extensive knowledge of the industry and being users of vaping products ourselves, we found that a vast amount of product available on the market today is substandard to say the least. This is why we set out to develop a product with unsurpassed flavor and quality ingredients for all of us to enjoy.