California US Representative Duncan Hunter Vapes During Congressional Hearing

On February 11, 2016, Duncan Hunter, a U.S. Representative from California who first boldly proclaimed his love of vaping not two months ago, took a hit from his vape during a Congressional hearing.

It happened while the Transport Committee was discussing an amendment that would ban vaping on a plane. Hunter opposed the amendment.

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Two years ago it became our mission to develop a world class, ultimate tobacco base flavored e-liquid.

We put all our effort into the development of flavors that would embody everything an ex-smoker or user of nicotine could possibly desire in an e-liquid, a liquid with the feel of an analog, rich and delicious flavors, consistency batch after batch with the ability to deliver high performance standards, over a wider rang of devices. The Studio Brand gives you light, medium and bold tobacco flavors that are specifically formulated for tanks and are perfectly balanced. You will be amazed!   Our premium products are the culmination of years of research and development, mastering the art and complexities of...

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Scientists Shocked After Testing E-cig Vapor in the Lab

Over and over again, we’ve heard public health officials argue that we simply do not have enough scientific data to be certain that electronic cigarettes are a safe alternative to tobacco. But the truth is that research is abundant and every month, we have new studies that point to the truth. The latest study to hit the scenes is shaming critics and shocking public health officials with undeniable evidence that vaping is safe and effective. The new study was published in “Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology” and showed what exactly is hiding in e-cig vapor compared to the contents of cigarette...

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