What Premium is All About

The Studio Brand is a manufacturer of premium tobacco inspired e‑liquids that will surpass your expectations.

Uniquely formulated to deliver the satisfaction and feel of an analog. Perfect for the ex-smoker and current users of analogs who are searching for a cleaner alternative and are finally ready to be satisfied.

The Studio Brand has taken the finest quality ingredients available and blended them into a supreme concoction that is absolutely delicious anyway you vape it.

Two years ago, it became our mission

To develop a world class, ultimate tobacco inspired e‑liquid. One that delivers the satisfaction you look for and expect from a premium product.


  • Director's Cut


    A full-bodied complex spicy tobacco flavor perfectly blended with notes of rich amber maple & a hint of dark rum. Like nothing you've ever tasted, welcome to satisfaction!

  • Sundance


    A magnificent blend of light golden blond tobacco flavors infused with subtle undertones of delicious crème brûlée. A delectable dessert flavor, for the sweet tooth.

  • Montage


    A delicious blend of sun-ripened tobacco flavors infused with delicious notes of golden brown sugar and green banana. Absolutely over the top! 

  • The Legend


    A creamy caramel paired with golden graham wafers, blended with undertones of smooth tobacco. An all day vape for the smoker & ex-smoker.

Photo courtesy of Donald Reese Photography

Made in America with 100% USA nicotine derived from organic tobacco grown right here in the USA.

For the current user of nicotine seeking an alternative and the ex-smoker, delivering nicotine is simply not satisfying enough because it addresses only one aspect of the smoking experience. Unless the major aspects such as flavor, throat hit and even the type of tank preferred by the individual are addressed, the consumer is left constantly chasing satisfaction. Non tobacco flavored products may be ok for a while and for some people do the job, but with ex-smokers and heavier tobacco users it very quickly becomes less satisfying. Our e liquids are crafted to be used exactly as you would a cigarette. We specifically designed our formulas to produce the throat hit comparable to an analog.

Highly complex tobacco inspired flavors.

We at The Studio Brand have opted to concentrate on the development of highly complex tobacco flavors. Our e‑liquids comprise of many flavor ingredients in micro amounts to complete all aspects of a discerning palate. As ex-smokers ourselves we fully appreciate the difficulty of finding a vaping product that caters specifically to the former or current tobacco user.

Many long time smokers and tobacco users are uncomfortable walking into a vape bar. Many of us are not up to date on the latest vaping technology and are simple looking for a cleaner option to replace our analogs. We want you to know that wherever you see The Studio Brand Logo, you are a welcomed and valued customer. The staff understand your needs. It’s a place where you can feel comfortable purchasing your Studio Brand premium products. We are excited for you to try our exceptional flavors and discover what premium is all about.